These items are costing the city litigation, countless infrastructure repairs, etc.
Photos are meant to educate and promote a tool box of inspiration in order to spark interest in repairs & or alternatives to cure.

Home Improvements Ideas are only to challenge Planning Department in order to come of with fresh new ideas to stimulate existing 40-50 YO housing stock. There are no correct conception photos, as said is only to stimulate education and discussion.

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-------------TABLE OF CONTENTS--------------




Need attention today, not tommorow. These are real threats fot public safety and could cost city MAJOR LITIGATION.

ABANDONED WALL POCKETS-, Location: 195th Street for almost a year, sTAFF has promised that these wall pockets be repaired in replanted. Nothing has happened. This is costing the homeowners a major depreciation in real estate values, for the neighborhood surrounding these wall pockets. Real estate market is plunging as we speak, these wall pockets are not helping matters at all.

Location: 195th St., Cerritos.

I am glad the city has started to address the wall issues. Looks like half of the pocket landscape planters have been repaired and replanted.

Perplexed, by the lack of quality control to the above projects.

The new trees used on 195th. Street, appear to be California Bay Laurel Trees. I could be mistaken. They grow about 30 feet in height. The Roots are not an evasive issue, but the tree trunks do break off at the baseline during high winds, because of Oak Root fungus issues.

The lack of quality control for the landscape job, to the half a dozen pocket islands, installation was below the professional standards in the field. The Finnish grade soil level is above the existing pedestrian sidewalk, soil does not appear to an amended and or clean, and the plant palette is not designated landscape tolerant and or drought resistant.

With the overabundance of issues pertaining to walls citywide, pertaining to tree roots, it is beyond me, that the city would not be more conservative in selecting a more dwarf tree which will grow in a postage size condominium environment. Also have to remember, Cerritos soil is not the most ideal, as can be heavy clay composition, not well drained, and a high water table.

I am more than thrilled that the city has addressed the wall issue in this area. It will help the sagging real estate in the surrounding neighborhoods. Just wish the city would spend more time in research, in developing a tree palette which fits in to condominium space, and not try to force forest type trees into the postage size planter.
sports complex railroad easements/ (location: Target Store/regional Park )during the winter months, no maintenance of the easements. Home to many homeless camps. A lot of graffiti. Weed abatement is never accomplished until July to August. Residents live close to this area. City must take the lead agency, into mowing this grassy area during the winter months, or our apply weed abatement, and or apply woodchips in order to discourage weeds.

Cerritos Billboard, (location : Del Amo Bridge) is still home to a obnoxious graffiti. It takes over 2 to 3 weeks to have graffiti removed. This has gone on for 33 years. Nothing has been done, to create obstacles below the Billboard, to reduce ingress egress onto the Billboard. This area is in no man's land. (Lakewood-Cerritos) Sheriffs, Cypress Police Department, La Palma police department] all refused to patrol this area, as no one knows it's identification, and revolving employees are always ignorant of the cityhood. There are no city limit signs in this area. There is no welcome to Los Angeles/Orange County in this area. If a police car does come close to this area, they turn around, because of misidentification on their route. This has been going on for more than 33 years. No resolution.

WINKLER GREEBELT (Cerritos) (location : Del Amo Bridge)for years, have complained to : traffic safety committee, to orchestrate proper signage and caution at the Del Amo bridge. Nothing. Spoke numerous times with our city engineer, again nothing. The trees in the park, are killed continuously, by runaway auto traffic. In foggy nights, hard to orchestrate through this area. 911 calls are sent to ( 714) or (562). There's no signs stating city of Cerritos. Director of community development, has done nothing, for the safety and well-being of this area. Recently, assistant city manager, has displayed some seasonal banners, to visually outline this area. It is a forgotten no man's land.

TRACT ENTRY ISLANDS- ( Location: all city tracts) should be the crown jewel to each neighborhood. They have been re-re-landscape a few times, but do not receive continuous landscape maintenance care. Many dead plants, lack of ground cover, debris, all create a blighted looking neighborhood entranceway. With the declining real estate values, said island do not encourage real estate values to go work.


DEL AMO BRIDGE- 33 years of a promised new bridge. Nothing. Federal government has declared not safe. Still nothing. Multiple auto laxatives per year. Street lights have been removed by auto accidents. ABC/CCC ordered pedestrian guard rail has permanently been removed. Illegal billboard. Heavy traffic. Challenged pedestrian bridge.
PUBLIC ART- De Amo Blvd., (location : Del Amo/Pioneer) for years I have complained, coded enforcement has tried to improve. Water fountain periodically works. All the outdoor lighting is broken. The shrubs look like weeds. No ground cover. Soil erosion. Patio furniture is stored in a fountain. Subject of the art piece is questionable, as a woman doing her laundry on Del Amo Blvd. this statue, along with the maintenance of other fine art pieces, (is questionable ) as there is no maintenance schedule or records being kept. Personally, I have addressed the fine arts committee.

BLOOMFIELD SCE- ( location : Bloomfield/ Sports Complex) city has improved is abandoned landscape nursery. Properties in foreclosure, but still has many code enforcement violations. When I first reported this project, said projects was in worse condition than today. Foreclosure banks are doing nothing to preserve our maintain vacated nursery IN sce easement. Property is directly west of the Cerritos sports complex entrance/monument signs.
INSUFFECIENT STREET LIGHTING. (location: citywide) every street has tree which are overgrown the light poles. Our streets are becoming dark. It will become a safety hazard. Increasing crime. Dangerous accidents will be occurring. The city needs to be the lead agency, employed outside contracting firm, to consult on a yearly basis, aggressive tree trimming procedures around street lights. President trimming aka: CUPPING} is not aggressive enough, as the streetlights confusion is not ample.
LANDSCAPE POCKET PLANTERS- (location: 195th) staff has promised repair for over a year. These pictures were taken in 2006. Nothing repaired to date. This has taken a huge toll on the real estate property values, surrounding said Blight.
INSUFFECIENT STREET LIGHTING. (location: Citywide)every street has tree which are overgrown the light poles. Our streets are becoming dark. It will become a safety hazard. Increasing crime. Dangerous accidents will be occurring. The city needs to be the lead agency, employed outside contracting firm, to consult on a yearly basis, aggressive tree trimming procedures around street lights. President trimming aka: CUPPING} is not aggressive enough, as the streetlights confusion is not ample.
91 /CARMENITA INTERCHANGE- (location 91 @ Carmenita Eastbound) for years I have been complaining about the dead landscape. Finally property preservation commissioners complained, and the city cleaned up Caltrans. I'm upset, as property preservation is about private property maintenance, and unofficially, PPC is taking over municipal/state projects, without announcing to the public about their amendment and jurisdiction. PPC is the strongest weapon against urban menopause, but it should be announced, I even playing field. Also, is the PPC jurisdiction over real property and or personal property?

ALL FREEWAY GORES- every intersection in the city, ( 5-91-605) freeways, must have a drought tolerant landscape, ( ROCKS- GRAVEL-PAVERS- CATUS SPECIMENNS-PALO VERDE TREES-TAMARASK TREES) in order to create a chamber of commerce welcome. Each intersection, daily is access to about 200,000 cars. Maintaining weeds is costing too much money for nothing.
CAL TRANS-CERRITOS JOINT VENTURE- redevelopment money was spent in order to construct a sound proofing walls/landscaping. Caltrans has breached its duty, most of the landscaping on our freeways are dead, and creating a fire hazard + host to insects and became plant material. This is our Chamber of Commerce to the entire city. The city must override Caltrans, and cleanup are soundproof easements including re-landscaping with desert drought tolerant plants/readjust the existing irrigation to create a more then the proof system. Caltrans and the Highway Patrol are now allowing for increased of homeless population reading in the freeway campsites.
RESIDENTIAL ENRTRANCES: (location: citywide)no residential entrance should be blighted with non-conforming fences, landscape, it trees, weeds, ETC. City must be the lead agency, to do weekly janitorial to all entrances to each and every tract of home. The developers developed the entrances and turned him over to the city for proper and continuous maintenance.
RR Spir GRAFFITI. City has a graffiti hotline number, but the railroad easement are a host to dated a graffiti artist. Numerous reverend urged throughout the city. Public areas of graffiti, are real blight to the residents/businesses adjacent to the graffiti/tiger private areas.
DEAD TREES- ( location : citywide) every tree scape, remnants of dead tree branches/treetops. Once in a while, property preservation committee addresses dead trees on public rite ways and are removed. Should not have to rely on committee members to report. Dead trees are a host to environmental hazards. The deadwood is a host for other infectious diseases/breeders.
WELCOME TO CERRITOS SIGNS/STUMPS-( Location: all arterial roads @ 9 city borderlines) all throughout the city, signs have been removed and not replaced, for many years. I have complained about this issue, then promised new concrete monument signs, years have gone by, nothing.
-BLVD. LANDSCAPE CUTOUTS ( location: many arterial intersection)
Dead plants, broken irrigation, weeds, debris



1) Pedestrian sidewalks are still cracked.
2) Lake is still polluted.
3) Ltd. handicap parking stalls.
4) Sports complex does not share the same hours of operation for night lighting, as remains dark.
5) No designated RV Parking Zones.
6) Los Coyotes River bed fencing allotment: $200K, increased to <$.5M, still has not been conceived. Promised for yrs. Nothing.
7) Bloomfield never designated as a checkpoint for drunk driving, ( residential zone)

ROSE GARDENS- are known across the world. Cerritos Senior Center, Patricia Nixon Rose Garden, is a shameful disaster. The city needs to take a more liberal approach to Rose Gardens, and introduce their free color throughout the city. Not looking for high maintenance VARIETIES, just the opposite, natural/California/European varieties. Roses need to be introduced into our city parks, golf areas, picnic areas, scultpure areas etc. Mass plantings of wild hedge roses are a great deterrent to graffiti wridden areas.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------FRACTURED CITY WALLS (location : Norwalk/195th) arterial walls are crumbling, bowing, discolored, tilting all throughout city. Please read the following wall recommendations in the lower part of this blog. City must be the treasury in order to return all arterial walls into an acceptable condition.
KIOSKS- welcome to Cerritos,(location: arterial highways from the nine surrounding cities on the borderlines) 100% of them are not working, need new electrical and light bulbs. On and off, city has replace light bulbs, but for the last couple of years, maintenance department has done nothing. These are expensive KIOSKS, and must be maintained.

public picnic shelters. )( location : many city parks )mentioned this a few times Parks and Recreation. Nothing happened. Shelters need wood rot repair, no gutters, need paint, in need of roofing / picnic equipment. Parks are getting old, and deferred maintenance is very prevalent.
public kiosk, (location : Emearld Villas site, ) I needed throughout the city, for both COW/public transportation, as the city is home to over 47% seniors. Kiosks provide environmental protection.
NO TRANSPORTATION KIOSK @ LOS CERRITOS MALL- ( 183rd St @ LC Malls)complained for a couple of years. Boarding is made in the parking lot, and or on 183rd St. No weather right shelter. No turnstile. No kiosk. Complaints about city Council, planning commission, MACERICH development. Nothing. $5 million within two redevelopment for the Nordstrom's, nothing went into development for public transportation. The city relies on 47% of the seniors to shopping malls, but does not put out for public transportation funding. Nothing further handicapped neither. Handicapped are just dumped onto the sidewalk are parking lot. Environment for major accidents. $450,000 for Art in public places, at the mall, but nothing for public transportation.
ART IN PUBLIC PLACES- over two years, I have complained about the night lighting IN AND AROUND all the art Sculptures areas. Trees and horticulture are overgrown the outdoor lighting. I went to the fine arts commission, addressed the subject, nothing. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, in outdoor lighting, and they are not being maintained on a month-to-month basis. Many outdoor light bulbs are burned out here and there, including the freestanding welcome to Cerritos kioskin the center meridian islands.
Cerritos sports complex
, is not outfitted for diversity. There is nothing for seniors. There is equipment for all other ages, except for the forgotten seniors. Please see my list, which has been presented to the Park and recreation, refused for the last couple of years. The Cerritos sports complex is home to 47% of the populace, but no senior friendly equipment.
fractured curbing ( location : Del Amo Blvd) throughout the city, both arterial highways and residential streets, trees are uplifting concrete curbs, creating obstacles for both pedestrians and automobiles.
AUTO MALL GAZEBO- (Studebaker ) past eight years I have complained about no gazebo. FAC fine arts commission is contemplating an art scultpure. Under Art Sculpture, I have included a suggested art piece: resemblance of Hard Rock Cafe, something to salute our auto manufacturers. See Scultpure List.

CERRITOS SPORTS COMPLEX- need to redevelop said Park, to be inclusive of senior friendly sports activities, as the city has 47% seniors over 50 years old. I have created a separate list I would like Park and recreation to address. Today Park is about youTH, and nothing about seniors. Seniors can be our best policing force, which would reduce the need for sheriffs. Years ago, La Palma/Cypress police department would patrol, as a joint effort, to help the sheriffs. Like to see this investigated again, as the Park is adjacent to Orange County and borders multiple cities.
TREE ROOTS ARE STEALING: ( location : citywide) ROOTS are not stealing sidewalks, but stealing groundcover, plants, walls and whatever is in their paths. Trees need to be replaced with dwarf varieties, -- which can accommodate in an condominium setting. City is going to be the treasury for re-construction costs.

CITY WIDE TRACT IDENTIFICATION MONUMENT SIGNS- ( location : citywide to all residential tracts ) must be reconstructed at each and every track. Nothing looks worse, then signs which haVE outlawed live there LIFE! Many signs were removed decades ago, said they were on backorder, and never replaced.
WATER PROOF PAINTING- All citywide marquees signs, must be repainted with waterproof/stain proof paint. Many signs are not visually readable, as mold is tarnishing the plaques. Many target neighborhoods are not uniform IN street sign marquee and need replacing.
TINY TOT PLAY AREA- ( location : citywide parks ) Park and recreation must make changes in order to protect the playground from overhead falling electrical lines/AND from sun exposure. Most of the play equipment, is too hot for the children to play on, and full exposure to the sun can lead to serious sunburn SKIN conditions. Also, the playground and needs protection from the evening DEW, as the equipment is not usable in many wet morning hours.
DEL AMO CORRIDOR- > oVER 180,000 cars travel daily. Area needs major redevelopment, For BUS kiosks, blighted signs, redevelopment of landscaping, more benches, etc. Entire corridor is just worn out from a excessive usage.
Town Center lighting, needs to be amended, with redevelopment monies, as existing lighting is being demissed by overgrown horticulture.
Cracked/uplifted sidewalks,( location: citywide) debris sidewalks not being, cleaned, trees need to be trimmed yearly to avoid falling fruits, slippery to walk.




From posting in Dec 06, by UNITED HOA to Dec. 08; said improvements to photos/aprox cost ($)
Cerritos Regional Park Sculpture
1. Dedication Monday January 26, 2009
2. Joint venture between Cerritos and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation
3. Total cost: $180K-$200K.
4. Constructed from the same material of the recent Las Vegas hotel fire.
5. Tile mosaic finish, is the same Sculptures in Spinnaker Bay, Long Beach, as the tiles are not weathering and are falling off and or being chiseled off for souvenirs.
6. Location at the Regional Park, is a large picnic gathering, where vandals have blown up concrete trash cans and burnt picnic tables.
7. Is this really art sculpture or tiny tot playground equipment?
8. Is this really bulletproof, when the background overhead lighting at the swimming pool, are shot out by BB guns.
9. The large pine trees surrounding the sculpture, will not be in proper perspective in compared to the dwarf collection of sculptures.
10. No night lighting.
11. Staging of sculpture, at the over crowded picnic of pavilion, will not be accessible to all patrons at the park during peak hours, espec. weekends and holiday.
12. Turfgrass in this area is worn out to the dirt during peak summer time usage, and irrigation is vandalized by Picnic groups. This picture looks great, but the last 30 years, Park has not weathered high volume of picnic traffic usage. Park just finished a $12-$13M Dollar renovation. Still have cracked sidewalks, no night lighting in sections, sidewalks which are not draining, and smelly lake pond. Many areas of the park, do not have grass, as the grass has died from overusage.

Summary: during a national recession, is this the best use for our money, especially in a Regional Park, which has a track record of gang fighting, auto theft, and vandalism. I support art in public places, but this sculpture could end up costing the city more money in maintenance, repairs and protection, than initial purchase price.

New Sculptures To Unveiled At Cerritos Regional Park

County of Los Angeles and City of Cerritos officials will dedicate a group of five mosaic sculptures at the northwest corner of Cerritos Regional County Park where Bloomfield Avenue meets 195th Street on Monday, January 26. The sculptures, called “Water Henge: H20 = Life” and arranged in a circle 20 feet in diameter, bring to mind England’s Stonehenge with their strikingly dramatic, bold shapes. They also echo the deep history of their setting but, unlike Stonehenge, they were created over the past year by mosaic artist Kim Emerson.

Each sculpture tells the story of how the Los Angeles Basin was once affected by large amounts of water. Engraved tiles with written facts about the history and the future of water conservation are integrated into the sculptures. The tallest one, 13 feet high, represents the ocean and the prehistoric life forms found under water millions of years ago and is crowned with a gold painted metal sun with a hole in the center. The second sculpture reflects the era when the ocean receded and dinosaurs roamed the resulting marshlands and the third mirrors the next period of flat fields bearing animal paw prints and human footprints. The fourth, only 2 feet high, appears to melt into the earth and invites visitors to climb and sit. The fifth and smallest sculpture, at the exact center of the circle, symbolizes the minimal amount of water available today and incorporates the four points of the compass. All five together operate as a sundial: a shadow is always cast from the “sun catcher” atop the tallest sculpture and the little sculpture is used to read the time and season.

The 56-acre Cerritos Regional County Park is operated jointly by Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation and the City of Cerritos. “Water Henge: H20 = Life” is the first Civic Art collaboration between the County and a municipality. The City of Cerritos and the County each contributed half of the $172,000 project cost and had equal representation on the project coordination committee, which selected the artist and approved the design.

“Kim Emerson has created a very unique piece of art, and we are thrilled to have it at Cerritos Regional Park. In addition, Kim's Water Henge gives us a glimpse into the history of water in the region," said Supervisor Don Knabe, Chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. "It is not only visually stunning, but it is also quite intricate in how it works with the sun. I look forward to the Vernal Equinox in March."

City of Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards said, “The City of Cerritos is proud to partner with Los Angeles County on this delightful new civic art project. Kim Emerson’s colorful, thought-provoking sculptures are a fitting celebration of Cerritos’ efforts to conserve water through the use of a recycled water system. The pieces are a beautiful addition to our community’s collection of artwork in public places and will be enjoyed by Cerritos residents for many generations to come.”

Kim Emerson’s inspiration for “Water Henge: H20 = Life” came after visiting the project site. “Water has had and continues to have such a strong influence on the landscape,” says Emerson. “One of the most impressive features of the park was the use of reclaimed water for irrigation since it was built 20 years ago. I also found that the City of Cerritos has been very progressive in the conservation of resources and sensitivity to the environment. It was the first city in the country to build a city hall powered by solar technology.

“This artwork tells the story of water in a way that makes us aware of time using the sun’s shadows to express that idea,” says Emerson. “I want people to gather here, watch the shadows and realize what once was.”

Kim Emerson specializes in mosaic design and in 2004 established Kim Emerson Mosaics, LLC. Her public commissions include a fountain at the Sun Harbor Marina in San Diego and a mural at the entrance to the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts. She designs her work to be site-specific and often uses motifs from nature and ancient cultures. She has received recognition for her mosaic work, such as Best of Show for Architectural Category at the Society of American Mosaic Artists annual conference exhibit in 2005. She was also awarded the Orchid Award presented for excellence in landscape design and public art for “Carley’s Magical Gardens” at the Children’s Hospital of San Diego in 2000. In addition she joined with artist Harold Balazs and local at risk youth to create “Playspace,” located at the Harding Family Center in Idaho. Emerson’s ability to collaborate with other artists, landscapers and members from the local community distinguishes her work. She received her Master of Science degree in Historic Preservation of Architecture at the University of Oregon and maintains a studio in San Diego, CA.

The artwork was commissioned under Los Angeles County’s Civic Art Program, administered by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Carrie Brown of the Arts Commission was project manager for “Water Henge: H20 = Life.” Under the Civic Art Program, one percent of construction costs of all County capital projects over $500,000 is set aside for the incorporation of civic art.

New 195th TREES-
Tristaniopsis laurina 'Elegant' (formerly Tristania laurina 'Elegant')
Small-Leaf Tristania 'Elegant'

CHARACTER: Evergreen; round form; dense canopy.
SIZE: Small (Height: 15-25'; Spread: 15').
FOLIAGE: New growth reddish-bronze, fading to medium green. Narrow leaves 4" long, wider than straight species.
FLOWER/FRUIT/BARK: Small, yellow, fragrant flowers, 1/4" across, in profuse clusters, bloom April-June. Small brown seed capsules, 1/4" across, form in summer and drop during winter windstorms. Mottled, beige, or reddish brown bark.
MONTHLY WATERING NEEDS: In general, 15-20 gallons per week for the first 2 years; 15-20 gallons twice a month for the 3rd year; as needed after 3 years (varies by soil, sun, and wind conditions).
TREE CARE: Low. Early pruning needed to train a good shape; pruning needed less frequently with age.
TOLERANCES: Drought (once established), poor drainage, any soil, gusty or cold winds, fog. Sun or shade.
NOTABLE TRAITS: Tough, low-maintenance tree. Develops into a formal-looking shape. Appropriate beneath overhead wires. Disease and pest resistant.
ALTERNATE FORMS: This is a cultivated variety of T. laurina, branches have a more weeping form. Tree grows slightly larger and is more vigorous.


CAL TRANS/CERRITOS SUBSTATION OFFICE- ( 605-91 freeway )past years, I have complained to} sheriffs,CHP, staff and CCC; about the freeway corridor landscape mass, under Caltrans jurisdiction. Nothing happened. Contacted Department of Transportation in Sacramento, also Department of Transportation Los Angeles, many lengthy meetings, and was able to negotiate the removal of homeless along the 91 freeway/605 freeway, and removal of some of the debris. I did this on my own. City of Cerritos has subcontracted with Caltrans approval, and cleaned up some of the easements by the auto mall and freeway gore intersection. I have contacted Caltrans substation, Studebaker Road, many times to report homeless camps along the freeway, bonfires, homeless begging for money at midnight, etc. A homeowner should not have to take on this task, when Cerritos has 750 employees plus the sheriffs and California Highway Patrol. Some improvements along the freeway corridors are underway.
CERRITOS POST OFFICE- I personally pleaded to CCC/Staff for improvements to the post office. Nothing. During 2008, I personally contacted the post office ( Federal location in Washington DC) requesting}: handicap placard repaired, exterior building painted, irrigation operable, improvements to the night lighting, and reduction of the tree by trimming, in order to secure and make safe the parking lot at night. I was successful, as in the summer months of 2008 to present, all of the above have been addressed. The city did not mediate the above. I may be incorrect, but I thought the city of Cerritos use some redevelopment monies to build the Cerritos Post Office and include a new zip code 9703.

graffiti hotline is reducing the amount of widespread graffiti. It's still visible along riverbeds, and sections of the 91 freeway. Have noticed a lot of graffiti on the 91 freeway/Pioneer Blvd. Del Amo RR trussels still is getting hit by graffiti taggers.

RR easements, ( all RR easements/citywide )staff always have to be reminded that it is time for fire brush clearance. RR can never take the lead agent, as staff always has to be the lead agent. Residents adjacent to set easements, are always played with wild grass, insects, bugs living in the tall brush.
DEL AMO RR BRIDGE- city spent approximately $5000 to remove graffiti. There still is a small amount of reoccurring graffiti. Pillasters/ Flood Control concrete aprons still full of graffiti.
Shoemaker Gore waterfalls- (location : Shoemaker at 91 freeway ) city has improved this area, in the past year. Remove graffiti, replaced the outdoor lighting. Properties still needs weed abatement, landscape improvements, and the water is not to health standards. Like I say, the property has improved, but still not the crown jewel of the town center.
REPLACING URBAN FOREST- (location: citywide ) city is taking the lead agency in replacing specimen horticulture's. My question: } specimen size, root guards, tree water basin wells
STUDEBAKER MARRIOTT HOTEL PAD- (location Studebaker Road ) has been partially cleaned up of graffiti, homeless, trash and installed GATE over the rr bridge. Read zoned and redevelopment money is being used to construct a NEW hotel. This area will be a parking lot for said motel, so will be constantly plagued with pedestrian traffic in and around the bridge.
FALLING LIGHT POLE ( Bloomfield Ave. South Street)
Ater one half years of complaining, property preservation commissioners finally cured.


SUGGESTION FOR THE CERRITOS PLANNING COMMISSIONES: Please introduce new and fresh ideas into our 50 YO housing stock. These are not from Cerritos Housing Stock, but from 34 cities in OC Housing Stock.......Downey and Rossmoor have surpassed Cerritos Housing Stock, in both Visuals and Sq. Ft. Costs.

Most of the photos are not permitted in Cerritos. Planning Department needs to cut the cord from yesteryears and work outside of the box therory; if Cerritos Real Estate is to keep up with Orange County and the Heartland of America.

***Note: Some photos captions say click, as will open up to the maufacturers web site for further information and details.***



CCC passed Overnight parking Ordin.} 12/17/1970. Public voted on said, ( Ordin. M) on Nov 1972} 8,791 favor; 5,188 against. Cerritos Population was 15,000, today over 50,000 residents.

Latter ( 1990’s) amended to accommodate:

One (1) Permit per house, 6- cars registered to house, 5 Drivers w/ 5 DMV registered to house.

No Bus, no commercial, no pick trucks w/ racks or logos parked on street.

Simple equation. 2 car garage = 2 car driveway. Results 4 Cars, maybe 4 Drivers. 1 Car can be parked on street, only if they meet the requirements. Where does the extra car park, as the 6 cars and only if 5 drivers. Family of 4 DMV Drivers, w/ more then 5 cars does not fit the proposed driveway ordinance.

Yr 2000’s / Street Cleaning Ordinance, day of street cleaning, where are the cars to park, if they car pool & or out of town/vacation; as during the absence, the street parking permit is useless???

Houses were built in 60’s-70’s} dad worked, moms stayed @ home and maybe -1- used car for mom. Now both parents work and have cars, kids have cars, maid, nanny’s, residents travel w/ employment and have sleep overs. Summary} 2 car driveway do not always fit the everyday lifestyle of today’s living.

When passed in the 1970’s, No Handicap Parking. When amended years latter, still not inclusive of Handicap Parking. Handicap Parking is useless if the driveway is filled with cars, as driveway width does not accommodate handicap/ nor slope of the driveway permit wheelchairs/walkers/crutches.

Recommended for many years, outside contractors/legal counselors, should be brought to the table, in order to evaluate and negotiate legal opinions, without conflict of interest within the city, pertaining to Overnight Parking Permits. Inner Conflict of interest, recycling of appointees over and over} is creating a political incest pool of officials. I DO NOT LIKE THIS AND MOST USA JURY POOLS WILL FROWN ON THIS!

1974 State Proposition # 5, allows for employees to reside outside of the employing city, in order to stop from conflict of interest. Cerritos staffers are full of this conflict, as work and live within 90703; blood will be shed within their families over favorites, etc.

Yr. 2008 because of lack of affordability, Multi-families live in the Cerritos houses. Today, many have handicapped recognition, for the physically challenged, a form a diversity, which was not recognized in the 1970s. Wake up, parking ordinance is 100% political driven, in order to maintain a certain caliber of Cerritos residents in regard to automobile/truck ownership. Cerritos ownership is not diversified and is prejudiced against the ownership of autos/trucks. Only city with Parking Ordinance, out of 34 cities/ OC and 85 cites/ LA.

Today’s Parking Ordinance has splashed into every } : from the city Council, to the Planning Commission, Community Safety Commission, Property Preservation Commission and Park and Recreations Commission for major events.

“Director of Community and Safety service”, which is a pseudo liaison between the peoples of the city, and the policing-code departments. Read the section, under public safety. Public safety refers down to the forgotten handicapped and making sure that “ all” households have accessibility to 911, not 99%; and not only restricted to ( 562) but Cerritos ( 714) too. Handicapped license plates are not only for handicap parking, but an Advertisement notice to other drivers, that the operator of the car is handicapped in some fashion. Please read all of the bylaws pertaining to handicapped/ ((California and American disabilities/handicapped laws)). It is quite comprehensive. The backbone to handicapped license plates, was to allow the handicapped driving privileges and in addition to advertise to the other drivers, caution- beware!

“Director of Community and Safety service”, job position, has the authority to secure safety/security/wellness to all the residents and not the GOP’s in office & or the anointed elites. I have contacted a couple other cities, made assessments and they stated that directors can initiate contingencies for handicap vehicles, so there is access for 911/driveways. Other cities said that there is no need for city Council review. If there is a need for city Council review, you have the powers, to request for an amendment for handicap addendum, via a special city Council meeting, with 72 hour notice. Just recent, Fullerton Judge made the ruling, if a vehicle displays handicap, no need for further assessment & or interpretation of the handicap!

It’s ridiculous, that one (1) DMV driver equates to one street parking pass, two (2) DMV drivers with six cars, gets two (2) streets parking passes. Nothing addresses in the ordinance for handicap parking in relationship to 911 accessibility. Nothing addresses the legal liability created by the city, in regards to overload of parked cars on driveways. We need to get some of the parked cars off of the driveways, parked onto streets, in order to create passages for 911, if the property does not have a separate walkway entrance. Many properties are not allowed separate walkway entrances, separate from the driveways, ( extended driveways) as the ratios of hardscape/landscape front properties, are not allowed by planning commission.

CCC, I am requesting that you make a petition, to bring the overnight parking ordinance to CCC, at the next Cerritos city Council meeting, in January 2009. CCC needs to make assessments, in order to make amendments, as not only my driveway is 100% full of cars, but other driveways are too, because of the restrictions of parking on the street. One of these days, the city will be held liable, if a residential firestorm breaks out, driveway parked cars will act as a lockout for 911 fire emergency to enter a property. The car issues are not going to go away, as during this recession, more more people are living in properties, and driveways are becoming parking lots; while the public streets, which are paid for by the residents, remain empty. The history of Cerritos is tarnished enough, we do not need a household fire of casualties, before the overnight parking ordinance is abolished. There is no need to spend hard-earned money, for a public vote. Either call for a 100% moratorium for the overnight parking ordinance, and or create addendum which is convertible to each household.

Furthermore at this meeting, I am requesting data to support the Thanksgiving /Christmas moratoriums for parking ordinance. You always state, that the city wants data, and I would appreciate data to support the auto thefts, during these two moratoriums…...

Fly over Cerritos, many homeowners have to park cars/RV’s/Boats/Dune Buggies in their back yards and back yard patios, in order to accommodate the No Street Parking Ordinance. Backyard are not met to park cars. Not compatible for neighborhoods.

The parking ordinance, is one of the many reasons why I feel a need for a proposed Seniors Commission. The city is building affordable senior housing, over 47% of the city is seniors, as seniors need special requirements and needs & neighborhoods are celebrating 40-50 Yrs of residency! We all want to feel young, but our bodies are not young anymore, and creating additional health issues. This is why, I’ve been so adamant against the federally declared unsafe "Del Amo bridge" and the lack of inconsistent addresses/zip codes of the 275 homes on the LA/OC Border issues; as the track record over the last 30 to 40 years has not been admirable and data to support. I’ve witnessed and heard delays in getting 911 response from Cerritos, even though we pay our property taxes and support sales from Cerritos; in return, we have blemished 911/ city services. I can go on and on over the subject.

***Footnote- overnight parking ordinance was not effective in the border cities during the 70s( like Cerritos), as was made applicable during the late 80s. Many of us never voted, as our address for voting was impaired and deferred to Buena Park. -(9)-- surrounding citys to Cerritos} flooded with abandoned Cerritos Cars, ditching said cars in to the adjacent (9) cities to allow for overnight street parking outside of Cerritos city limits.

Summary: City has created a DMV Cannibalism relationship, as just to many cars, not to have extended driveway and open up the streets for overnight parking without the permit sections.
Staff/vehicles is running in the red in order to
enforce an outdated law.

Mike Flagger-staff
G Berg-staff
G. Kappe
P Bowlen
J Crawley
G Hu
B Barrows
B Rabbit
L Lee
J Edwards
Mike Rittel-staff
Dennis Davis-staff




NOTE WORTHY STAFF AND APPRECIATIVE OF City of Cerritos personnel, which over the years, improved living conditions of the forgotten Cerritos/ OC/border island neighborhoods of 275 residents. Much Thanks for all of their work and ongoing relationships in future.



Wall Litigation: these are my arguing points of city ownership, for a jury.

City mandated construction of the walls during development of tracts in l960's-1980's.

City maintains the arterial walls.

The city does not allow walls to be amended for gates, or construction of swimming pools ( egress-ingress)

The city has landscaped the walls.

The city has rehabs some of the walls with wall vines project and abandoned the project.

City irrigation overage is spraying on to the wall.

City removes wall graffiti .

City does not allow the arterial walls to be support of arbors, patios, trellis, etc.

City mandates for wall extensions.

City is painting walls, and has not waterproof walls.

City has sign ordinances for the walls during campaign.

City has allowed for the construction of Political Signs, which have pierced and weakened the block wall grout.

City has never filed notice of non-responsibility of the walls, per title to each housing unit.

City has a master plan for reconstruction materials.

City planted wall vines, but the wall vines are not being uniformly maintained and or mounted on the walls, as removed by homeowners. Now we have a major inconsistency long the arterial walls.

HO Ins policies do not cover arterial walls, only inner walls.

City design/planted Wall (cut out) landscape islands (pocket planters), have destroyed arterial walls, as the project has been in limbo, for almost a year, destroying real estate values in and around subject areas. Staff has told CCC, more than six months ago, the walls will be repaired. Only one segment has been repaired. Note: some trees are forests trees, some trees are condominium type of trees. Many islands, are trying to retard forest trees, into a postage size condominium plotage.

HO do not able to qualify for Home Equity Loans, as may are upset down in housing market data.

Cerritos has over 47% Seniors, seniors do not qualify for loans and can not withstand the friable fallout of back yard reconstruction and demolition.

City has more or less, HOMESTEADED the arterial walls to benefit the city and not the HOME OWNERS.

City approved final occupancy, ( after construction)knowing that there was a change in grade elevation between the HO side of the arterial wall and the city side of the arterial wall.

Original walls were built with no Retaining Wall Specs for engineering.

City has promised Townhall Meetings to inform the arterial HO since Feb 08, to date nothing.

City has not used Prop 218 to vote in order to finance the walls.

City owned trees/landscape has undermined the infrastructure to the arterial walls foundations.

City has violated Environmental Impact Reports.

Inconsistent Surveys of the arterial walls and supporting data.

City did not maintain weep holes for drainage.

City sponsored arterial walls along the freeway sound barriers.

City sponsored infrastructure (rods/ bolts) for support of arterial walls in and around the freeways.

City has not maintained a consistency in rebar/concrete coring.

City has contacted outside consulting firms, but not disclosed the conflict of interest with regards to campaign funding and execution of city held projects in the past.

City did not construct tree root barriers in and around the arterial walls.

City has been bias in wall rehab proposals and not liberalized the data to be inclusive of many types of rehabs products and manufactures.

City Inconsistent Arterial Walls: Arterial Highways, Arterial Residential Tracts, Arterial Commercial, Arterial Parks, Arterial Easements.

Inconsistent Engineering between OC/LA County design specs.




Opened in 1997 for temporary policing service to city. In 2008 start of remodel to existing facility during a recession and financial crisis.

In 1997, CCC promised sheriff contract would only be temporary. City must take the lead agency in establishing its own Police Department. Since city sits on 9 borders, cost effective to combine Police Departments with: Cypress, La Palma and possibly City of Artesia in order to secure borders. Per budget report, 1 Sheriff Cars, ( 24/7) billed to the city at $1M Per Year.

Both Cypress and La Palma Police Departments are within a 3 Mile radius of Cerritos Sheriff Station.

In l997, billing was aprox. $400K per cycle.

Plead, for immediate suspension of Motorcycle Sheriffs on patrol, as the supporting data, shows a “Disturbing” high amount of Cerritos auto collisions, in which said accidents is creating a liability to our budget and out-of-control: Workers Comps Premiums. State of California has the highest amount of retired policemen on Medical Leave, during their retirement in order to secure increase of our money per NEWT GINGRICH REPORT IN 2008, filed in Washington DC.

During 1997 Ret. Mayor Grace Hu promised the Cerritos residents, Sheriff Contract would only be a temporary Interim Contract, until a Police Department could be seated.

Alarming, Cerritos has one of the largest Judgment on Record, for Abuse of Power by Sheriffs, during a Samoan’s Baptismal Party}, judgment for $6M, plus court costs, etc.

Is Cerritos Div. of Community Safety, really about our safety or is it about defending our Sheriff’s Unions? Follow the money trail and decide.

Government has never run cost effectively, as this sure is a misuse of public funds; with the least amount of service, especially securing our border issues.

Island Border of 275 Homes, have to rely on services from: Long Beach-Cypress-Buena Park-La Palma, as the Cerritos-Lakewood Sheriffs are ill equipped and lack knowledge of geography in relationships to
islands "4 Digit address"







PROPOSED SENIOR COMMISSION( Voted down by Park and Recreation);

47% Of Cerritos a senior population.
SENIOR FRIENDLY SPORTS- Needed at the flagship park: Cerritos Regional Sports Complex

No coordination with Seal Beach’s senior Leisure World
No shuffleboard court
No badmitten court
No soft tract
No volleyball courts
No chess top picnic tables
No Lawn bowling
No horseshoe pits
No putting green
No gas Barbecues
No Lawn Croquet
No senior lounge at the existing Staff Office ( Presence of Seniors can act as free policing)
No Outdoor Conversation Fireplaces
No Park benches for walkers
No picnic tables in Regional Park Swim Stadium Park
No tetherball courts
No horticulture Garden plots
No outdoor fiberglass ping-pong tables
No-24/7 sidewalk lighting compared to the regional Park side of the sports complex
No senior softball
No senior outdoor aerobics
No pet park
No drinking fountains along sidewalks.
No archery lanes
No Lawn Dart Courts
No therapeutic swim spa @ Regional Park Outdoor Pools
No emergency 911 phone along sidewalks.
Limited handicapped parking stalls.
No wheelchairs for usage
No COW Drop Offs @ Sports Complex Side
Need a Cerritos public kiosk to post legal documents, CCC agenda, commission hearings and public notices.



Employment Regulations for Public Servants Residency.
Passed 1974 by State Proposition.

Staff employment, may live outside the city of employment, to avoid any and all conflicts within. This would stop any allegations against inner friends and personal family threats.

During the 60’s-70’s, there was quite confusion of what is considered} territory, region or a city, as WLA has its micro divisions of communities or should it be considered one large city of Los Angeles? Staffers: (Teachers, legal staff, city Mgmt., and police) were being bombarded with litigation after litigation cases; as residents felt staff had bones to pick within the community members, staff would make it extremely difficult for local residents to get variances, projects passed and so forth………& restricted labor pool for employment.

Last sentence, Reasonable distance: (Judgments are only good in the county issuing & judgments are only enforceable in the state issued). Some pre-requisitions: Live out of county of state you employee in. Rare, but LA City and Long Beach Port, recruit mostly out of state, for legal responsibilities towards judgments (past and future)

So the bill was drafted and passed by landslide. LA and SF made it #1, that they employ outside the community. This opened the road to large developments starting to grow, 50 mls outside major cities, so civil servants could house and commute to cities for employments.

Summary: Cerritos staff has to many Cerritos Residents, which can become a major player on CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITHIN & poss. bloodshed to their families.


Guess thinking “ GREEN” } many medical negatives, as had a few cable shows on it.

Many aged articles worth re-cycling have contamination from : asbestos, radar, gypsum, lead, glues, dangerous tars/ varnishes, pesticides, oil-petroleum paints/fumes, toxic waste, friable particles ( Glass, boards, fiberglass, tiles), bugs, etc.

Few mths ago, saw spec. out of NYC, many cargos full of recycled goods, leaving country, as gross contaminated and illegal to process in USA.





Cerritos residents are denied annual holiday decorating contest


$0.25m rose float waste of money, energy, recycling, environmental issues


$260k+ Fleecing of Cerritos Money



City needs to acknowledge these terms as early as the Council meeting on 9/11/08, as the owner OF LCCN along with being a Cerritos Economic Commissioner addressed Border Changes in Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and Mayor Pro Temp went door to door, not informing residents of the legal fallout of Border issues on 9/8/08. I have been contacted by many upset Cerritos neighbors. It is public record, of possible changes and must now be disclosed in Real Estate Transactions.


If ignored, it would "erode the public's perception of our Legal System and Home Owners Insurance Policies System, to advertise THAT CITY COUNCIL WANTS CERRITOS ISLANDS, and no plea agreement containing an unprecedented legal coverage, during a national disaster, if the islands were cut off by Los Angeles County, by the DEL AMO BRIDGE, since said Bridge has been declared unsafe by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Bridge does not even have “No Truck Signs or Weight Limitation Signs”. Oral statements during the last CCC by Edwards, doe s not resolve the legal- liability of one county to another county.

Quick realty check: Our Insurance Homeowners Policy, are null/void, if the county the policy is written under, can not provide services. Bottom line, if Los Angeles County can not provide equal protection, and has to rely on Orange County for Services & or ingress/egress from Los Angeles County to Orange County, none of the many island sections will have insurance coverage. WE ALL LOOSE!

Quick Example:
During the firestorms few years ago, look @ the thousand of insurance bad faith claims pending, because of question over: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego COUNTY LINES. Look @ the non covered claim of Katrina Storm victims, over delay from parish to parish.

Today’s Quick Examples:
These items, from 1-29 can not be mitigated after 33-40+ years of island trouble, and after Cerritos has spent over $4B in budgets, how can we honestly believe, if a national disaster were to hit Cerritos Islands, said would have legal coverage??

1) Still burned out street lite in Denni, for more then 2 mths, as OC/LA- SCE arguing.
2) OC/LA- RR will not remove weeds @ Del Amo Bridge under billboard.
3) El Rancho Verde’s Park does not have control of wild dogs and coyotes, as ongoing for months and months. Fite between municipal jurisdictions!
4) Decades ago, Cerritos changed zip codes from 90701 to 90703 and removed overlay zip codes of Buena Park from some islands, but some islands still have the misleading 4 digit addresses for more then 33 years of problems and mis- deliveries.
1. Cerritos contracts with Long Beach Animal Control. Said will not work with animal control between La Palma and Cerritos- “El Rancho Verde’s Park”, which is a 50:50 Joint Venture between OC/LA animal control and neither will cooperate.
2. Burned out Denni- Squaw Valley street lites in Cerritos, neither SCE from OC or LA will repair.
3. Cerritos non- delivered 4 digit address USPO mail goes to Buena Park USPO – as dead mail, returned to sender. We need 5 digit mailing addresses to demonstrate Cerritos Mailing address.
4. ABC designated school for 2 Cerritos islands in La Palma: 1 Artesia Campus, other Cerritos Campus. La Palma has a neighborhood school 1 block from said island, “ Steven Luther School”. Fite within school districts: ABC, Buena Park and Anaheim-Cypress School Districts.
5. Cerritos- Some of El Rancho Verdes Tract uses Leal, while Squaw Valley Tract uses Carver. Children in these island, can not even go to school with their own neighbors.
6. Del Amo Bridge in Cerritos. No signs posted for truck control, nor usage of radar laser. Said bridge has been declared unsafe/ non earthquake proofed by Feds. Replacement of said bridge yr 2010 by Feds, not by cities financing.
7. 3- Police Departments within 3 Ml radius & no inner Joint Venture Cooperation: La Palma PD, Cerritos Sheriff and Cypress PD. No crossovers in patrol!
8. Cerritos Municipal Water district is routed in to La Palma, but not hooked up to Cerritos Island Residences, except for Emerald Villas. Cerritos will not complete the water transformation to Cerritos Homes. Cerritos will not subsidize w/ La Palma Water District / & Vice Versa, Cerritos homes in said 2 neighborhood’s pay 2X amount then in Cerritos.
9. Denni St.-La Palma has not completed construction of public utilities and lighting, along the E Denni Street, since 1992. Denni street needs to be center striped (40:60) with dotted line, for distinction between city/county. Speed limit signs needs to be posted, as the Denni Street has become a pedestrian sidewalk, and home to many electric wheel chairs and baby carriages and toddler cycles. May sections of the sidewalk are not useable because of cracks and fallen fruit debris.
10. El Rancho Verde’s Park street lighting is not uniform between Cerritos and La Palma.
11. Cerritos residents have not been informed of LAFCO- OCLAFCO Meetings nor reports by Cerritos.
12. Denni Street is maintained by 2 different street cleaning services, 2 different times, which cancels motive of trying to clean streets, so debris does not end up in ocean. Calendars need to be synchronized.
13. Voting chaos between 2 cities, 2 counties.
14. La Palma Afford Housing HOA, will not enforce CCR’s along Denni St. ; which reflect on to Cerritos.
15. Within same block of homes, homes share Cerritos and La Palma city codes and non uniform, non conforming building laws and city ordinances.
16. Del Amo Bridge – needs Weed abatement.
17. Del Amo Bridge Billboard- non compliance for residential neighborhood.
18. La Palma Tract of home AKA: Bluebird, etc, do not share the same perimeter landscaping as other La Palma Tract of Homes. Non landscaping creates confusion of city identity along south side of Del Amo.
19. Squaw Valley tract of home values, is being affected by the low income housing apartment rentals @ Montecito, as are Sect 8 Housing. Proposed more units, to be constructed on the proposed condemned Steven Luther School site along with the LP owned farm house between Montecito and said school. Many days, over 100+ van pools and public transportation and buses surf the areas. Accident is going to take place. Over 285 Units are housed in Montecito HOA! THAT’S SPELL A LOT OF TRAFFIC.
20. All Cerritos 4 digit address have never been changed over to 5 digit Los Angeles alignment.
21. 1980’S CCC directed for the construction of Two WELCOME TO CERRITOS SIGNS on Del Amo/Denni and Denni/Lake Placid. Signs have been removed for repair and not replaced in more then 3 yrs. Traffic is looking for direction in to La Palma and Cerritos, as boundaries are not clear and merge here and there.
22. El Rancho Verde’s Tract and Squaw Valley Tract of homes, are being pitted to La Palma RE Values and not Cerritos.
23. Cerritos and La Palma want Senior Housing for the Elderly and Low Income, but neither city has sponsored senior friendly environment and services, for the surrounding neighborhoods of said projects. Impossible for elderly to adopt and be pitted to unionize with fast pace neighborhoods. Montecito and Emerald Villas are prime examples of seniors inside problem pitted arenas with minimal recourse. Emerald Villas is joined with 45 MPH Carmenita Rd and Montecito is joined to Del Amo Roadway, 50-70 MPH and Denni St with no MPH signs posted, nor usage of radar. Montecito has no designated bus stops. Both cities need to work together and create universal procedures and policies and STOP the battle between cities.
24. Del Amo Blvd-- striping of center meridian, eastbound from said bridge, towards Denni St Intersection. Presently, confusing for auto traffic, leaving LA County and entering OC. Many eastbound traffic drive on the wrong side of the street.
25. Denni St needs speed limit posting, as street is a pedestrian highway for both El Rancho Verde’s Park and Regional Park, espec need tolerance for the Montecito Senior Project and students whom cross for usage of Steven Luther School from Cerritos tracts. Currently, no pedestrian cross walks, the entire length of Denni St.
26. Mitigate calendars for street sweeping and trash pick up, between Cerritos and La Palma, so services are not spread out during the week, on the same block, for the same services. Residents are upset, part of the street is cleaned one day, by one agency, another day by another agency. La Palma Residents are upset that their streets are being used by Cerritos Recycling Program, 3x day; when La Palma does not use recycling nor uses 3 trash trucks.
27. Los Angeles SCE has been turned over to OC SCE without residences knowledge.
28. El Rancho Verde’s tract of Cerritos has no street parkways w/ trees, but the Squaw Valley tract has landscaped parkways; both tracts share the hi cost of La Palma Water Rates.
29. Work with Fed X and UPS deliveries, as trucks are daily searching between LP and Cerritos, looking for non conforming addresses. Ongoing problem, as many days, dozs of trucks are confused by Satellite mis- directions.